from the garbage planet Vulpin.

Vulpimancers are a vaguely dog-like alien whose physical features are a cross between a lion and a gorilla. Vulpimancer’s powerful arms allows them to run, jump, and climb objects at high speeds, in addition to making them fairly strong. Vulpimancers have no eyes, but have gills on their neck which allow them to hear and smell many times better than humans, giving them radar-like sight which is depicted as functioning somewhat like a thermograph sensor. According to various profiles on Vulpimancers, the porcupine-like quills on their back supplement their radar sight and can also serve as weapons, either protecting Vulpimancers while they’re rolling or as projectiles which can be fired off at will. This ability is unique to adult Vulpimancers. Vulpimancer’s weakness, though it is rarely an issue, is their lack of sight, which can be impeded through various means, and they are rendered effectively useless if his nostrils are clogged. Vulpimancers cannot speak in any understandable fashion, communicating through snarls and growls, which can be a problem when attempting to relay messages or avoid conflict.