from the star Pyros.

Pyronites are a magma-based life-form that can control fire at will, either projecting it in a wide range of forms or absorbing it into themselves. They can fire streams of flame, create fireballs, manifest tornadoes of flame, utilize said tornadoes to carry themselves and others short distances, and radiate heat in all directions for a localized explosion. He can also achieve flight by firing at the ground to propel himself like a rocket. Apart from this, Pyronites are also a highly durable alien, able to endure being thrown through buildings without being slowed. Pyronites dependency on heat is also their weakness, as their powers can be negated by sufficient amounts of water or similar fire-extinguishing materials and large amounts of water can extinguish them permanently. They are also unable to lower their own body temperature, which prevents him from touching things without burning them, people included.