Galvanic Mechomorph

From the moon Galvan B, which orbits Galvan Prime.

Though originally uninhabited, Galvan B was accidentally brought to life when Galvan scientists introduced self-replicating nanotechnology to the moon, which bonded with the moon's minerals and created sentient life.

Galvanic Mechomorph are composed of nanotechnology, allowing them to reshape their bodies at will. This makes restraining or harming them difficult, as they can "melt" to avoid either and will quickly regenerate from any damage taken. Galvanic Mechomorph can also merge with other technology, upgrading it far beyond its original design as long as they are merged with it. The size of the device is inconsequential. While merged with a device, the Galvanic Mechomorph controls it as they would their own body. Even without a machine at hand, Galvanic Mechomorph can reconfigure their form around their eye in order to fire a plasma beam from it. Galvanic Mechomorph are also capable of forming simple constructs from plasma, such as spikes. Galvanic Mechomorph’s weakness is their specialization: being technology-oriented, Galvanic Mechomorph cannot possess biological creatures, and sentient or more powerful robots are harder for them to control. Galvanic Mechomorph's liquid-metal composition can also work against them, namely where electrical attacks are concerned. Furthermore, any sort of metal corrosive can upset a Galvanic Mechomorph's delicate internal workings and wreak havoc on their systems.