Fantasmatico oscuro 2

Ectonurite True Form


Ectonurite W/Second Skin

from the perpetually dark planet Anur Phaetos.

Ectonurites are part of a hive mind, which is contained within the vast genetic memory of every Ectonurite. Ectonurites outwardly resemble a one-eyed ghost, the result of a second skin, while an Ectonurites true form is that of a wraith-like genie with blue claws, decaying skin, and an exposed, upside-down skull with a single eye for a head. An Ectonurite is composed of a variable-density protoplasm which allows him to become invisible and/or intangible at will. They can levitate freely, and they don't require oxygen, allowing them to survive in a vacuum. The second skin protects them from their fatal aversion to sunlight. The second skin also has 'tracks' on it, in which they can move their single eye about, allowing them to see behind themselves, or anywhere the eye decides to go. They can render others intangible through physical contact. their intangibility also enables him to possess humans, controlling them from within. They also have psychic abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis, but the extent of these abilities remains unclear.Their true form also has a flock of tentacles protruding from his chest, which can be used as extra appendages. In total darkness, these features become even more pronounced, and they can fire energy blasts from his chest.